• Aptitude Test: Evaluates your Verbal Skills, Spatial Ability, and Problem Solving. Like any aptitude test it is difficult to study for, however, there are some test taking strategies that may help you. Be sure to read through the documents that the Unit Recruiter can provide to help you prepare.
  • Interview: You will be asked about your teamwork abilities, job experiences, integrity, views on race, ethnicity, harassment and drug use. The CF has zero tolerance on racism, harassment and drug use. 
  • Medical Examination: A medical doctor will check your hearing, sight, blood pressure, heart rate and ask questions relating to your general health. 
  • Fitness Test: You must be able to successfully complete the FORCE Evaluation. Details of which can be found here: https:www.cfmws.com/en/AboutUs/PSP/DFIT/Fitness/FORCEprogram/Pages/About-the-FORCE-Program.aspx
If you fail any components of the tests you will be notified and told if and when you can re-test or continue your application process. Your file may be closed and re-opened at a later date.

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