Upon your enrolment into the Canadian Forces or shortly after, you may be entitled to the following:

  • Part-time flexible employment September to May;
  • Full-time summer employment available May to August for 4 years (great for students);
  • Competitive pay when you work, currently you start at just under $100.00 for a full day - ask your recruiter for more details;
  • Recognized Professional training - various educational institutions award credits for military courses, for example the Ministry of Education that awards high school credits upon successful completion of the Basic Military Qualification Course;
  • Educational Reimbursement: Receive up to $2000.00 per year to a maximum of $8000.00 towards educational reimbursement
  • Service is voluntary for an indefinite period (you do not commit to a contract like the Regular Force);
  • You do not have to move or relocate. You can continue with your civilian employment and/or education. However, if you decide to move you may be able to transfer to another unit as there are Army Reserve units in over 100 communities across Canada;
  • Uniform/Equipment: Will be provided as a loan, you must return all kit upon releasing otherwise you owe the Crown and they will find you. (May only wear uniform on authorized training times.) 
  • Meals/Accommodations: Will be provided at all times during duty. 
  • Dental Benefits:  Upon completion of your Basic Training and being a regular parader, you will be entitled to get reimbursed on 90% of your basic dental work (check-ups, cleaning, cavities). 
  • Medical Benefits: The CAF will provide you with proper medical care while on duty, or follow up care if you get hurt on duty. Otherwise you must have your own medical coverage. The CF will reimburse some of your premiums paid to MSP, however it is based on how many days you worked with the reserves in the past year.
  • CAF Pension Plan: The Primary Reserve is now eligible to receive a pension upon retiring from the forces. This amount will be based on how many days you worked in the reserves and how much you actually contributed into the plan.

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