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Patrick Young


For Headquarters or A Company in Victoria

The Bay Street Armoury - Unit Orderly Room

715 Bay St., Victoria, BC, V8T 1R1, Canada 

Phone: (250) 363-3818

Fax: (250) 363-3593

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

Parade Night: Wed nights from 7-10pm

For B Company in Nanaimo

The Nanaimo Military Camp

709 Nanaimo Lakes Rd., Nanaimo, BC, V9R 7E3, Canada

Phone: (250) 755-5356

Fax: (250) 755-5375

Parade Night: Wed nights from 7-10pm

For B Company in Courtenay

The Seal Bay Armoury

2000 Waveland Rd., Courtenay, BC, V9J 1X8, Canada 

Phone: (250) 339-4515           

Parade Night / Office Hours: Wed: 7-10pm

Thank you for your interest in The Canadian Scottish Regiment. Following is some pertinent Regimental contact information. For Recruiting please go to our Join Us page. Thank you kindly.

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