Burns Sets


1 Joint Assoc/Regt'l Set:

 March on: with Blue Bonnets, Cock of the North.



Tattoo Set: Highland Laddie, Molly Connell, Aspen Bank, Jock Wilson's Ball, Cork Hill.


March off: Auld Lang Syne x2, Black Bear, Caller Herrin



2  'My Love' Set:

My Love She's But a Lassie Yet, A Man's A Man for A' That, Duncan Gray, Robin Adair, Star of Robbie Burns.



3 MacPherson's Set:

Macpherson's Farewell Slow Time into Quick Time, Loch Marie, Castle Dangerous.

Other Performance and Parade Sets


This area is under construction














 Competition Sets


1 Quick March Set (St Julien's):

Neil Gow's Farewell to Whiskey, Craigmillar Castle, Scotland My Ain Hame, Farewell to the Vancouver Scottish 


 Pipe Music:


2 Grade 3-4 Medley (2012 Fortissimo):

PM Ross' Farewell to the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards, Stumpie, Cearcall a Chuain, Jiggernaut, Steam Train to Mallaig, Arlie's Big Day, Ernie's Impact.

Hand Written Sheet Music

Yours to discover all in PDF format.  All historical sheet music associated with the band.

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