The Canadian Scottish Endowment Fund

The Fund acts as a charitable foundation and is a sub-committee under the Regimental Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees is a BC Society and is a charitable organization under the Canadian Income Tax Act and as such can issue tax receipts for donations.

It was established in 1981 by Brigadier General P.F. Ramsay (former CO of the Regiment) to raise funds for the good and welfare of the Regiment (meaning the Regimental Family – that is the Serving Unit, the Regimental Association, the Trustees, the affiliated Cadet Corps and the Women’s Auxiliary).

The Fund seeks donations by bequests and wills or outright donations from veterans, serving, former serving members and friends of the Regiment.  The Fund is closely associated with the Regiment’s Books of Memory which contains the names and a brief military biography of members of the Regiment who have passed away.  If a member of the Regimental Family made a donation to the Fund ($25.00) they could nominate someone to be entered into the Books.  The Books are held in the Regimental Museum.

As a true endowment fund, money donated to the Fund is deposited into the capital of the Fund. Only the annual interest from the capital may be disbursed and if not used in a particular year is returned to capital.  Once a year, the Commanding Officer, the President of the Regimental Association and the Chair of the Board of Trustees meet and in a consensual manner decide how the interest will be divided up amongst the three bodies.  In the past the interest has been used to buy sporrans for the serving unit, replace plaques commemorating Regimental battles in Europe on behalf of the Regimental Association and refurbishment of the Regimental Cenotaph at Pioneer Square on behalf of the Trustees.

A committee made up of two members from the serving unit, two members from the Regimental Association and two members from the Board of Trustees controls the day-to-day operation of the Fund.

Donations may be made in one of two ways:

  1. By cheque – please make your cheque payable to: C S R Trustees – annotate it Endowment Fund and mail to: Endowment Fund c/o The Canadian Scottish Regimental Trustees, Bay St. Armoury, 715 Bay St., Victoria, BC V8T 1R1


      2. On-line through the CanadaHelps website:

There is a dropdown box – please select the Endowment Fund for your donation.



Stanley J. Willow, CD

Lieutenant Colonel (ret’d)

Regimental Secretary,

The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)

715 Bay Street

Victoria, BC, V8T 1R1

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