The Regimental Endowment Fund

Forced to see the Regiment’s canteen funds disappear into a national fund at the end of World War II – an amount which would have been a considerable value today and even more so had it been invested at the time – Brigadier General Ramsay dreamed of establishing a Trust Fund to receive and administer donations for the perpetuation and betterment of the Regiment. In October of 1981 his dream became a reality with the establishment of the Endowment Fund.
Although it is operated under the Trustees’ charitable status, it is governed at arm’s length from them, with an independent Board comprised of serving members of the Regiment, and elected members from the Trustees and the Regimental Association. As a Board administering capital funds it could not spend any monies for the first ten years in order to build a suitable investment base. Currently, however, the Fund generates some $8000 per year in interest, which is spent on a variety of projects proposed annually by the Regiment and other elements of the Regimental Family.
While there have been some very generous donations over the years, the chief source of income has been derived from nominations for the Book of Memory. This book, now in two volumes, is not an honour roll but rather a ready reference for the service particulars of any former member of the Regiment who has died, whether in war or in peace. A nominal donation of $25 ensures such an entry, and many have donated sums in the memory of a soldier: often a relative, respected friend or comrade-in-arms.
Pre-nomination from those who still live have also been welcomed for registration and upon death their names and particulars will be entered into the Book. As of April 2002 the names of 1,272 soldiers had been registered, whether entered or awaiting entry, in the Book of Memory, not including 78 pre-nominations.

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