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The origins of the Cadet Association began in the late 1950’s when a group of former 2136 CScotR cadets decided to reunite and hold an annual dinner.  This event was always well attended and usually held at the Union Club. The group at that time, was primarily responsible for supporting the 2136 RCACC Commanding Officers; encouraging the perpetuation of the protocols and tradition of the Regimental corps, and to help standardize a distinctive CScotR cadet uniform.  The group also presented the Drill Competition Award ‘The Gourley Trophy’ during the 4 corps concentrations.

In 1992-3, the members were asked to join in the planning of the 2136 RCACC’s 50th Anniversary. At the time, some former cadets agreed to purchase new Colors for the 2136 corps.  The original 1945 Honor Guard Color Party members, Cecil Gould, Doug Coddington and Rae McDonald were asked to present the corps with the new Colors.  Padre MacLean, the original Padre was also asked to attend and preside over the dedication at the 50th celebrations. Rae McDonald is the son of the first Commanding Officer of 2136, Captain S. McDonald.

During this period, the Old Guard undertook the enormous job of recording all the units Trophies and Awards for future reference.

The CScotR 2136 Parents Group Chairperson, Mrs. Sam Corbeil, captured the significance of the Old Honor Guard presenting the new Colors to the serving Honor Guard of the 50th celebrations, thereby bestowing them with the name “Old Guard”.  Today, all ex cadets are commonly referred to as ‘Old Guard’ members.

There were many members actively participating in pressuring the cadets CO’s into allowing their new recruits to wear the coveted Glengarry and proudly wearing their CScotR Cap badge.  Before this, the new recruits were allowed to wear RCACC berets with Army Cadet cap badges only.    The Old Guard argued the point that the public has to see the cadet in Regiment dress in order to promote the Regiment.  The CO’s relented and allowed the new cadets to wear the glen with the Regimental cap badge only after a 3 month recording of continuous attendance.

The Old Guard has been asked to attend and help out at the Annual Mess Dinner’s since they started in 1995.  Typically, Rae and Sandra McDonald serve the head table and dignitaries.

During the 1990’s  when the Regiment hosted Annual Ceildhi’s,  the Old Guard would help fundraise by hosting their annual Dinner in the Currie Room, (Room 314A) before the event started.  All money raised went to support the Regimental Cadet Corps.

Always working behind the scenes, the members began to attend the 3 satellite corps functions.  Attending their ACR’s, supporting the local Parent’s Groups while they hosted 4 corps concentrations.

With the help of  HCol. Richard Talbot an annual Highland Kit Registry and Inventory control report from each cadet corps has now been established.  This is a registry that all cadet CO’s and their Support Committee can implement and enable them to easily record their units Regimental dress.  Since the average cost of the kit is approximately $1,800, it was imperative that process take place.

The Old Guard is proud to announce it has been asked to attend, and promote the 2014 EX cadet Reunion.  More to follow on this,

The Cadet Association –Old Guard meets once a month (the first MONDAY) at the Trafalgar/Pro Patria Legion 411 Gorge Road East in Victoria, at 7pm in the lounge.  Contact: Rae McDonald or Rhonda Scott –



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