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Regimental March Past

Regimental Retreat



Commanding Officer's Orders


Regimental Retreat

First Post

Last Post

Lights Out

March on the Markers

March on the Officers

March on the Troops

March on the Colours

Trooping of the Colours

March Past in Slow Time

Royal Salute

Vice-Regal Salute

General Salute

Inspection Tunes

Advance in Review Order

March off the Colours

March-Off the Pipes & Drums

March-Off after Ceremonial

'HQ' Company

'A' Company

'B' Company

'C' Company

'D' Company

'Support' Company

Marching out of Barracks

Marching into Barracks

Piping in the Haggis

Retiring Old Colours / New Year

Royal Anthem

Funeral Lament / Remembrance

Colonel Bapty
P/M Ian Duncan

The Day we crossed the Rhine, The Highland Gathering at Tinques
Piper W.M. Buchanan

Scotland my Hame (16th Btn March Past), The Canadian Scottish
Composers Unknown

Listen to the combined bands play the Regimental Marchpast...

Bands Across the Border (2003)

The Pipes & Drums CD "Bands Across the Border" was recorded with the Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band, United States Marine Corps. It has recently been released in the United States by Altissimo Records under the title "Canadian Pipes & American Brass".

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Highland Honours (1992)

Though no longer published, used copies of the band's first CD are still sought after by military music collectors. The recording was published originally on cassette tape in 1989, and three years later it was re-released as a CD.

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